The Funeral of Sally Chase

The Free Will Baptist Historical Collection came into possession of a rare  booklet titled, A Sermon, Preached at the Funeral of Sally Chase. The sermon was preached by “Elder H.D. Buzzell” and is dated July 26, 1818. This booklet is among the older Randall Free-Will Baptist publications.

It is all the more important because Buzzell was one of the early leaders of the Free Will Baptist movement in New England. Consider that 1818 was not even 40 years after the northern movement of the denomination was founded.

The sermon was based on Revelation 14:13,  “selected by our deceased sister, to be spoken upon at her funeral.” At one point Buzzell illustrates the blessedness of those who die in the Lord by referring to Mrs. Chase’s own passing:

The language of our deceased sister was like unto this.

With a composed mind, she bid her husband and children

Farewell, saying that she felt as much pleasure in giving him

The parting hand, as she did when she took it at the time of marriage.

O! what consolation this must be to this mourning circle!

Think carefully about this observation of Buzzell’s: “When a Christian overtakes death, he finds a prize a little beyond.”


About the Writer: Mary Wisehart served many years as chairman of the Free Will Baptist Historical Commission.