Historical Commission

The Historical Commission exists to preserve Free Will Baptist historical materials and to educate Free Will Baptists regarding their heritage. The Commission’s responsibilities include:

  • Research and writing
  • Archival collection
  • Lecture sponsorship
  • Donations for historical enterprises

Chairman: Robert E. Picirilli


Media Commission

The Media Commission provides tools to assist Free Will Baptist churches and denominational agencies in advancing the cause of Christ. This Commission specializes in ways to enhance denominational perception and promotion. The commission additionally facilitates live streaming for convention services and business.


Music Commission

This commission is responsible for helping meet the music and worship needs of Free Will Baptist churches around the globe. This involves:

  • Training musicians
  • Conducting music workshops
  • Leading worship
  • Providing publications for our churches
  • Publishing a denominational hymn book
  • Coordinating the music for the annual convention

Chairman:  Doug Little


Commission for Theological Integrity

The purpose of this commission is:

  • To alert our people regarding trends that could threaten our theological integrity as a denomination.
  • To prepare materials that will help preserve our theological integrity.
  • To conduct seminars on subjects which are pertinent to the purpose of this commission.
  • To address significant theological trends and influences that threaten orthodox doctrine.
  • To address issues which threaten our theological distinctives as a denomination.

Chairman: Matthew J. Pinson