Over My Shoulder, Part 5

Part 5: A New Beginning

Editorial Note: As the late Dr. L.C. Johnson prepared to step down from his long tenure as president of Welch College (then Free Will Baptist Bible College), Contact magazine asked him to write a five-part series of articles. In these short accounts, Johnson traced God’s hand in forming, building, and keeping the denominational college.

The Board of Trustees has asked me to serve as chancellor of Free Will Baptist Bible College after I leave the presidency. Many people want to know what my duties will be in the position.  Like most new positions, it no doubt will take time before the duties of the office are clearly defined.

It is not the intention of the Board of Trustees or myself that this office should detract from the presidency in any way. My responsibilities as chancellor will be more general in nature, perhaps best described as counselor to the administration and representative of the college to our constituency. 

Dr. Charles Thigpen (president-elect) and I have discussed these matters. Although defining duties is somewhat difficult, we are convinced I can make a valuable contribution without infringing on his duties. We have worked closely for more than a quarter century and have reached an understanding. 

I believe the position of chancellor will afford me opportunity to continue making contributions to Free Will Baptist Bible College without being tied to day-by-day administrative functions in the president’s office. Naturally, I will be aware of college needs and be involved in an advisory capacity in administrative policies.

I look forward to this relationship, which will permit me to circulate among our constituency more freely, while at the same time maintaining a close relationship with the institution.  

Just as I never dreamed of being president of Free Will Baptist Bible College at the outset, I never anticipated the relationships that being chancellor will afford me. However, I trust this will be just as much in God’s will for me to continue ministry with Free Will Baptist Bible College as being president of the institution has been. 

If my years of experience can continue to be worthwhile to the institution, while allowing me to be freed from direct administrative responsibilities, I will be the most thankful to the Lord. 

 L.C. Johnson, president, Free Will Baptist Bible College
(Adapted from Contact magazine, May 1979, pages 30-31.)