Nine to a Pallet

The Morning Star was a weekly Free Will Baptist paper published by the northern (Randall) movement. You will find many of these old papers in the historical collection.

The November 18, 1897, issue describes a visit made by H. M. Ford, from the north, to the Cumberland Association in Middle Tennessee. Consider several quotes from that fascinating report.

“The session was held in a romantic spot three miles south of Dickson, in a neat log church. As we approached it, riding in a lumber wagon, we wondered who would compose the congregation. Imagine our surprise to find quite 400 present. Where did all this crowd comes from, I cannot answer.

“The deacon had 23 of us to keep that night. There were three beds down-stairs and six beds upstairs, and a ‘Free Will Baptist pallet’ 15-feet wide, which would hold nine.

“But the meeting! Brethren of the cold, conventional North, how can I describe one of these meetings? Heaven can as well be described. These people have not only ‘got religion,’ they enjoy it. When these poor people, rich in praise, first reach Heaven there will be no embarrassment to them when asked to join in the hallelujahs of the saved. I suppose, as these people get what is called culture and refinement, they will get religion just the same as ever, but will know better than to enjoy it so much as they do now.”


About the Writer: Mary Wisehart served as chairman of the Free Will Baptist Historical Commission.