Copyright Guidelines is a digital publication of the Free Will Baptist Historical Commission, a non-profit organization acting on behalf of the National Association of Free Will Baptists, Inc., and dedicated to the preservation of Free Will Baptist history and records. Works included on meet at least one of six copyright criteria:

  • Third-Party (links to historical works contained on other sites such as Google Books or
  • Public Domain (any work published prior to 1923)
  • Public Domain (any work published from 1923 to 1978 without copyright notice) Exceptions: where the copyright notice was (1) missing from only some of the copies, or (2) omitted in spite of contract requirements to include it, or (3) the copyright owner took “corrective steps,” or (4) the work was registered within five years after publication.
  • Copyright Expired (any work copyrighted from 1923 to 1963 without copyright renewal)
  • Copyright Expired (any work copyrighted with renewal prior to 1964)
  • Free Will Baptist Organizational Records and publications of the U.S. Government.

To report any item in violation of these guidelines, please Contact Us and include the URL (web address) of the item.