Missions (Randall)

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The Missionary Helper (1878-1919)

The Free Baptist Women’s Missionary Society was organized in 1873. The Missionary Helper was established to fill a need to voice the work of women of the denomination. Founder Marilla Marks Brewster remained the publisher and editor for nine years, at which time the denomination assumed publication.

A Narrative of the Mission of Orissa 
By Amos Sutton

Chundra lela, the Converted Fakir 
By Ada Lee

Facts and Reflections of the Condition of the Heathen World
By Mrs. V. G. Ramsey

Four Years of Co-operation in Nebraska and Kansas
By A.D. Williams, D.D.

The Hindoo Foundling Girl
By Silas Curtis and Elias Hutchins

Hinduism and Christianity in Orissa
By O. R. Bacheler, M.D.

History of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions
By Joseph Tracy

History of the Free Baptist Woman’s Missionary Society
By Mary A. Davis

In the Path of Light Around the World, A Missionary Tour 
By Thomas H. Stacy

India and Daily Life in Bengal 
By Z. F. Griffin

Reminiscences: A Brief History of the Free Baptist India Mission
By Mrs. M.M. Hutchins Hills