Biographies (Randall)

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Autobiography of Lemuel Norton
Printed by Horace C. Little

Autobiography of Lemuel Norton, including an account of his early life—two years in a printing office—11 years at sea, during which he was twice shipwrecked, and experienced several narrow escapes. His Christian experiences and labors in the gospel ministry.

Autobiography of Rev. George Donnocker
Printed by Charles M. Brown

Autobiography of the life, conversion and ministry of George Donnocker, a blind Free Will Baptist preacher of German heritage.

Autobiography of Selah Hibbard Barrett, the Self-educated Clergymen

Containing the story of his education, his experience and conversion, his public and ministerial labors, together with an interesting account of his travels in various parts of the United States and Canada. Embracing a period of half a century. From 1822 to 1872, Volume 1.

A Consecrated Life: The Life and Labors of Rev. Ransom Dunn
By Helen Dunn Gates

A narrative of the ministry of Rev. Ransom Dunn, DD by his daughter Helen Dunn Gates.

The Female Preacher or, Memoir of Salome Lincoln
By Almond H. Davis

The biography of Salome Lincoln, a popular preacher and well-educated for her time. She traveled with other notable evangelists such as John Colby, drawing large crowds wherever she preached.

Fidelity and Usefulness: The Life of William Burr
By Rev. J. M. Brewster

Biography of William Burr, publisher and longtime editor of The Morning Star newspaper in New Hampshire.

The Life of Clement Phinney
By Daniel McBride Graham

Biography of Clement Phinney, Free Will Baptist evangelist born in Gorham, Maine in 1780. He worked faithfully as an evangelist. Written by D. M. Graham, this volume provides fascinating details about his life and ministry.

The Life of David Marks to the 26th Year of His Age
By David Marks

The autobiography of Rev. David Marks, influential Freewill Baptist evangelist. Marks published the first Treatise, was instrumental in establishing the Freewill Baptist Printing Establishment, aided in the founding of seminaries in Ohio and New Hampshire, and took the gospel across the western frontier. Marks was also connected with the establishment of the Foreign and Home Mission Societies, and became prominent in the abolition movement.

The Life of Elder Abel Thornton | High Resolution Version
By Abel Thornton

The Life of Elder Benjamin Randal: Principally Taken from Documents Written by Himself
By John Buzzell, M.G.

This volume contains the earliest biographical information regarding Benjamin Randall, founder of the Freewill Baptist movement in New England. The author, John Buzzell, was a fellow minister and publisher who, for a time, became the leader of the movement.

The Life and Influence of the Elder Benjamin Randall Founder of the Free Baptist Denomination | (High Resolution)
By Frederick L. Wiley

The biography of Rev. Benjamin Randall (1749 – 1808), founder of the Freewill Baptist movement in the northeastern United States. He experienced a conversion to Christianity in 1770 through the influence of George Whitefield and first united with the Congregationalists. Later, he was baptized and became a layman preacher for Calvinistic Baptists in 1777. In 1779, he split with the Calvinist Baptists over their belief in predestination, and on April 5, 1780, Randall was ordained in New Durham, New Hampshire. Until his death from tuberculosis on October 22, 1808, Randall was instrumental in planting Freewill Baptist churches throughout New England.

The Life of Elder Mark Fernald
By Mark Fernald

The Life, Experience, and Travels of John Colby
By John Colby

This autobiography details the remarkable life and experiences of Rev. John Colby, who only lived from 1787-1817. In those 30 short years he literally spent himself sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Life and Labors of Rev. Henry S. Gordon
By George A. Gordon

Biography of Henry S. Gordon, familiarly known as “Uncle Henry,” who organized the Looney Springs Free Baptist Church, the first church of the Central Illinois Yearly Meeting of Free Baptists.

The Life, Labors, and Travels of Elder Charles Bowles
By John W. Lewis (Eld.), Arthur Dearing

Biography of Rev. Charles Bowles, born in Boston in 1751. His father was an African servant, his mother the daughter of Revolutionary War hero Col. Morgan. The book traces Bowles’ life, from his marriage to “his cousin” to his religious conversion and his life as a Free Will Baptist minister.

The book includes two essays. The first denounces America’s “negro-hate” and its effort “to drive the colored man from within the pale of human society.” The second, by Rev. Authur Dearing urges readers to civil disobedience, because the Fugitive Slave Act is contrary to Natural Rights. The book gives readers a glimpse into Free Will Baptist’s connection with the Abolition Movement of the 19th century.

The Life of Rev. Martin Cheney
By George T. Day

Life Sketches and Experience
By Abigail Mussey

Auto-biography of Abigail Mussey, who was converted and active in the Freewill Baptist denomination. The story, which gives readers a glimpse into early Freewill Baptist life, also ncludes interaction with Charles Bowles, Freewill Baptist evangelist.

Life Story of O.B. Cheney
By Emeline Burlingame- Cheney, From The Morning Star Publishing House

Biography of the life and work of Oren B. Cheney, founder and first president of Bates college.

Life and Work of A.D. Williams [coming soon]

A. D. Williams made significant contributions to the Free Will Baptist movement as an editor, pastor, educator, and home missionary. Editor of the Freewill Baptist Quarterly, he helped to establish FWB works in West Virginia, Nebraska, and Minnesota. He published several books including the Rhode Island Free Will Baptist Pulpit. In later years he became President of Oakland City College and helped establish the continued success of this General Baptist university. This biography was published by D. B. Montgomery, 1905.

A Memoir of Prof. Benjamin Francis Hayes, D.D.
By Edward Cary Hayes

Memoir of Rev. George T. Day
By William H. Bowen, D.D.

Biography of George T. Day, minister, pastor of the Roger Williams Church (RI), who followed William Burr as the editor of the Freewill Baptist Printing Establishment in New Hampshire.

Memoirs of the Life of David Marks | (High Resolution)
By Marilla Marks

Memoirs of the life of David Marks, Free Will Baptist minister, written by his widow.

Memoirs of the Life and Religious Experience of Ray Potter 

Autobiography of Rev. Ray Potter, a controversial minister, who was ordained in Rhode Island by Six-Principle Baptists before uniting with the Freewill Baptist church in Pawtucket in 1820.

A Remarkable Experience of Elder Benjamin Randall, Founder of the Free Baptist Denomination
By Rev. B. Minard

The Wonderful Wheel of Fortune: Founded on the Life of Solon Currier
By Solon Currier