Doctrine (Randall)

Please Note: These historical documents may or may not represent the current position of Free Will Baptists on any given issue. Many files are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files. They are quite large and may take a long time to download. For ease of viewing, download only the files in which you are interested and read them at your leisure.

A Treatise on the Faith of the Freewill Baptists, 1834 
(first edition)

A Treatise on the Faith of the Free-will Baptists, 1854

A Treatise on the Faith and Practice of the Freewill Baptists, 1871

A Treatise on the Faith and Practice of the Freewill Baptists, 1887

A Treatise on the Faith and Practice of the Free Baptists, 1889

A Letter to the Rev. J. Butler,
Containing a Review of His Friendly Letters to a Lady, Together With a General Outline of the Doctrine of the Freewill Baptist

Biblical Doctrine
This significant work by Moses M. Smart, an educator and theologian from the Randall movement predates Butler and Dunn’s Systematic Theology by half a century. It provides historians and researchers significant insight into the early Randall theology.

A Scriptural Catechism, Designed to Assist Young Persons, 1834

The Church Member’s Book 
Or, Admonitions and Instructions for All Classes of Christians
Published by the Freewill Baptist Connection

Commentary on the New Testament: Critical and Practical
By John Jay Butler

Doctrine and Life. Sermons by Free Baptist Ministers, 1880

Lectures on the Truth of the Bible
Eli Noyes

Conditions of Spiritual Life
Thomas H. Stacy

An Introduction to the Life of Jesus: An Investigation of the Historical Sources, 1805
By Anthony Alfred Williams

New Wine Skins: Present-Day Problems, 1901
By Anthony Alfred Williams

Christian Baptism: The Duty, the Act, and the Subjects 
By George Harvey Ball

Guide to the Lord’s Supper
By George Harvey Ball

The Glory of the Church
A sermon delivered at the dedication of the Free-Will Baptist Meeting-House, on Bunker’s Hill, April 17, 1838. Includes a brief overview of Freewill Baptist history and doctrine.

The Manual: The Scriptural Doctrine of the Trinity, Investigated and Defended
By M. W. Alford

The Youthful Christian, 1844
By J. Burns

The Free Communionist 
Unrestricted Communion of the Lord’s Supper With All True Believers
By M. W. Alford, John Butler, Enoch Mack, David Marks

Commentary on the New Testament, Critical and Practical: The Gospels 
By John J. Butler

Natural and Revealed Theology
By John J. Butler

Lectures on Systematic Theology
By John J. Butler and Ransom Dunn

The Divine Origin of Christianity
By John Gregory Pike

Persuasives to Early Piety: Interspersed With Suitable Prayers 
By John Gregory Pike

True Happiness Displayed, in Narratives Representing the Experience and Power of Early Religion
By John Gregory Pike

A Treatise on the Millennium: Or Latter-Day Glory of the Church
By Ray Potter

The Poor Man’s Defence
A firsthand account decrying the church discipline exercised against Elder Ray Potter (from the perspective of the defendant). Though obviously one-sided, this volume provides insight into Freewill Baptist polity and procedure in the early 1800s, along with glimpses of doctrinal teaching.