Herald of Gospel Liberty (1808-1809)

Edited and published by Elias Smith (who eventually became Unitarian in theology), the Herald of Gospel Liberty was among the first Christian periodicals (newspapers) published in the United States. [1] While Free Will Baptists did not publish the paper, it was widely circulated among Free Will Baptists and featured occasional articles by leaders among Free Will Baptists. [2]


[1] I. D. Stewart, History of Free Will Baptists for Half a Century, (Dover, NH: The Free Will Baptist Printing Establishment, 1862), pp. 339-341.

[2] J.M. Brewster, Centennial Record of Free Will Baptists, (Dover, NH: The Free Will Baptist Printing Establishment, 1881), pp.25-27.


Herald of Gospel Liberty (complete set)

Volume 1, Numbers 1-26: September 1, 1808 – August 18, 1809


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