A Religious Magazine (1811-13; 1820-22)

Edited and published initially by John Buzzell in response to perceived doctrinal errors in The Herald of Gospel Liberty. The quarterly paper, pamphlet in form, was joined by other similar papers including The Religious Informer, a monthly magazine edited and published by Ebenezer Chase from 1819-27, and The Free Will Baptist Magazine, published quarterly in Providence, Rhode Island from 1826-28 before becoming a monthly publication from 1828-31. These early periodicals, though sporadic, paved the way for future Free Will Baptist publications.


April 1811 – No. 2, Vol. 1

August 1820 – 22  (Includes the complete set from this two-year period.)

No. 1, Vol. II (August 1820)

No. 2, Vol. II (November 1820)

No. 3, Vol. II (March 1821)

No. 4, Vol. II (August 1821)

No. 5, Vol. II (November 1821)

No. 6, Vol. II (February 1822)

No. 7, Vol. II (June 1822)

No. 8, Vol. II (September 1822)