Music & Poetry (Randall)

Hymnals (listed by publishing date)

The Latest Collection of Original and Select Spiritual Songs (1813)
By John Elliott and Samuel Stevens

Divine Songs Composed on Various Occasions and Subjects (1814)
by Ebenezer Chase

The Pilgrim’s Song, A Collection of Hymns for the Use of Christians (1814)
by Ebenezer Chase

The Conference Meeting Hymn Book (1831)
by Elder David Marks

Hymns for Christian Melody  (1841)
By David Marks and the Trustees of the Free-Will Baptist Connection

Sacred Melodies for Conference and Prayer Meetings (1851)
by WM. Burr and the Free-Will Baptist Printing Establishment

The Psalmody (1853)
by The Free-Will Baptist Printing Establishment

The Choralist (1859)
by George T. Day and the Freewill Baptist Printing Establishment

The Freewill Baptist Selection of Spiritual Songs With Music for the Church and the Choir (1881)
by the Freewill Baptist Printing Establishment



The Farmer’s Meditations or Shepherd’s Songs (1833)
by Thomas Randall

First Poems
By Wildie Thayer

Hidden Beauties
By Harvey A. Fuller