Baptist History

Please Note: These historical documents may or may not represent the current position of Free Will Baptists on any given issue. Many files are Adobe Acrobat (pdf) files. They are quite large and may take a long time to download. For ease of viewing, download only the files in which you are interested and read them at your leisure.


Benoni Stinson and the General Baptists
By A.D. Williams

The Book of Religions
By John Hayward

A Brief History of the Liberal Baptist People in England and America
By Elders G.W. Million and G.A. Barrett

A Concise History of the Kehukee Baptist Association
By Elders Lemuel Burkitt and Jesse Read

Christianismus Primitivus low resolution | high resolution
By Thomas Grantham
(Read more about Thomas Grantham and his defining work.)

A General History of the Baptist Denomination in America and Other Parts of the World
By David Benedict

A History of All Religions
By Samuel M. Schmucker

History of the Baptists in New England 
By Henry S. Burrage

A History of the Baptist Churches in the United States
By Albert Henry Newman

History of the Free churchmen called the Brownists, Pilgrim fathers and Baptists in the Dutch republic, 1581-1701
By J. De Hoop Scheffer and William Elliot Griffis

History of the General or Six Principle Baptists 
By Richard Knight

History of North Carolina Baptists, Volume 1
By George Washington Paschal

History of North Carolina Baptists, Volume 2
By George Washington Paschal

History of the Religious Denominations Now Existing in the United States
By I. Daniel Rupp

Religious Denominations in the United States
By Joseph Belcher

John Smith the Se-Baptist, Thomas Helwys, and the first Baptist church in England
By Walter H. Burgess

A Short History of the Baptists
By Henry C. Vedder

The True Story of John Smyth, the Se-Baptist: As Told by Himself
By Henry Martyn Dexter

The History of the Christian Church From the Birth of Christ to 
the XVIII Century
By William Jones



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